A description of serve and volley style in tennis

The ball should be hit just in front of the athlete and with the centre of the racket head in order to produce a flat, powerful shot.

Tennis strategy

A number of major innovations in fashion and equipment fueled and fed the boom. Doubles strategy[ edit ] Though strategy is important in singles, it is even more important in doubles. The popularity of Wimbledon and tennis were reestablished by two more brothers: The height of the net at the centre is 3 feet 0.

However, if the flat serve is executed with enough power and precision, it can turn into a great weapon to win points faster. Thus, the server will alternate sides of the court on successive points in each game, but the receiver will always receive on the same side of the court during that game and the set.

Even if Martinez-Sanchez were able to volley that ball back in the court, it would be short and defensive allowing Venus to gain the upper-hand in the point. Since the ball is tossed above the head, it is necessary for the player to arch correctly under the ball.

Later in her career Henin was also known for serving and volleying on set and match points, such as on Championship point at the US Open Final against Svetlana Kuznetsova. The winner, Richard Searswas U.

Since the early s virtually all competitions have come to employ tiebreakers to eliminate marathon sets. All shots after the serve—volley or ground stroke—can be played on either the forehand where, if the racket were viewed as an extension of the hand, the palm would be striking the ball or the backhand where the back of the hand would be striking the ball.

While they are important tennis shots, I think the lob and drop shot are extensions of the forehand, backhand and volley strokes.

Serve and volley

Both hands are kept on the racket in the follow-through. The stringing must be uniform and smooth and may be of any material. All points begin with a serve.

The strings must be alternately interlaced or bonded where they cross. Roger Federer uses this commonly against Rafael Nadalto break up long rallies and physically taxing games.

The ball is released overhead and just in front. The serve-and-volley technique works better on faster surfaces because the volleyer is able to put more balls away without the baseliner being able to chase them down.

However, some counter-punchers who have the ability to mix up their game and turn defense into offense, like Lleyton Hewitt, [2] Andy Murray [3] and Agnieszka Radwanska have excelled on faster courts like hard and grass as well as slower courts.

You're either going to get passed, you're going to miss an easy volley or you're going to win the point," and likened it to the stochastic nature of flipping a coin [7]. He was perhaps an influence on Jimmy Connorsa brash American whose aggressive, blood-and-guts, all-court style and feisty temperament captivated audiences whether they loved or loathed him.

Tennis: Tennis, game in which two opposing players (singles) or pairs of players (doubles) use tautly strung rackets to hit a ball of a specified size, weight, and bounce over a net on a rectangular court.

Points are awarded whenever the opponent fails to return the ball within the prescribed dimensions of the court. Talk:Serve and volley.

Talk:Serve and volley

Jump to navigation Jump to search I added a description of the style that should make it easier for a non-tennis player to understand the article. I removed the Context tag. The article still needs to be better organized. Apr 18,  · The serve and volley player will attack the net coming in behind their serve.

Tennis strategy

They come to the net after nearly every first serve, and often times after a second serve. They may or may not come aggressively to net after their return of mobile-concrete-batching-plant.coms: All-court players, or all-rounders, have aspects of every tennis style, whether that be offensive baseliner, defensive counter-puncher or serve-and-volleyer.

All-court players use the best bits from each style and mix it together to create a truly formidable tennis style to play against.

The Four Styles of Tennis Play and Strategies to Beat Them

The serve is the most important shot in tennis. All points begin with a serve. The key to this stroke is fluidity, rotation, and use of the entire body to snap upward into the shot. * Organized match play bringing High School players together with adult tennis community.

* Encourage and create awareness of serve & volley style play * Create connections in our tennis community that will lead to more social play, practice, matches, tournaments, more leagues.

A description of serve and volley style in tennis
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