How to write a patent description template

The electrical connector recited in claim 16 wherein said passageways of one row are staggered with respect to said passageways of the other row. Disadvantages may include the following: In addition to the truth that a picture or drawing is worth a thousand words, in a patent application you are supposed to go through and explain in writing what each of the drawings shows.

These define your invention, what it is, and what it does in fairly simple terms. A dual-in-line contact member is disposed in each of the passageways. Below are some 'how to' instructions to help get you started. Patent Law Resources Provisional Patent Provisional patent examples can be created by using a non-provisional patent application as a guide or by using one of several templates.

If you're inventing a hammer with a better claw for getting nails out of boards, you'd want to say that your invention relates to hammers, especially for people who struggle to remove nails from boards. When so disposed in a passageway 22, the depending leg 36 of the contact member projects through the passageway at the bottom wall 20 of the receptacle body so as to extend toward the front or rear walls of the receptacle.

Follow these steps to search for prior art: They will sometime say: The important part is to say how your invention is better than or different from the other ones that address the same problem. A written description of your invention Drawings of what your invention looks like not required, but usually desirable A cover sheet that lists the inventors The fee transmittal form and filing fee A provisional patent application should have enough details that someone could make your invention without guessing or experimenting.

Sample Patent Claims for Common Inventions

For example, there are seven cervical vertebrae in the necks of all mammals, and these bones together make up a portion of the back bone. The only real exception being when you are claiming a chemical compound or method, but even with a method you can and should in my opinion find something to illustrate.

Provisional Patent Example – Free Download of example provisional patent applications

Unfortunately, because you cannot add disclosure after you file a non-provisional patent application you may be prevented from filing drawings after your non-provisional filing date, which could ultimately compromise the disclosure and force some expensive procedural maneuvers that essentially will result in starting over with a new patent application.

You also proactively place a claim on the patent for your invention to prevent someone else with a similar invention getting the patent instead.

The electrical connector recited in claim 1 wherein said body is fabricated from an insulative material. You also proactively place a claim on the patent for your invention to prevent someone else with a similar invention getting the patent instead.

The present invention, therefore, provides an electrical connector in the form of a receptacle containing a plurality of dual-in-line female contact members which are provided with two contact portions for electrically engaging a male pin contact and for performing a wiping function with respect to the pin, and having gas tight contact means for separably connecting the connector to a printed circuit board.

Patent Number 4, which issued to Baar on October 23,for example, discloses an electrical connector comprising a receptacle containing a plurality of resilient contact elements. Am I required to include drawings in the provisional patent application.

That is fine, just write it into the description. You will also include other patents. Each of the contact members is retained in position within its respective passageway by means of a projection 48 provided on the contact member on its pin facing side engaging beneath the shoulder 26 on the central wall of the receptacle body.

Since a GeoPackage is a database container, it supports direct use. This means that the data in a GeoPackage can be accessed and updated in a "native" storage format. How to Patent Your Invention – Provisional Patent Filing Made Easy and Affordable The Invent + Patent System™ is an innovative approach to the patent process that will assist you in drafting.

Patent Your Idea | InventionHome. I use the TransferSpreadsheet method to export Access data to an Excel Template file .xlt) worksheet called 'DataSheet': mobile-concrete-batching-plant.comerSpreadsheet acExport, qry1ForTandI_FormExportToExcel.

The following is an example of a patent application format which complies with the Common Application Format. For legibility purposes, each heading is indented in this paper. Description. The description of this patent for an electrical connector is divided into background of the invention (including the field of the invention and prior art), summary of the invention, a brief description of the drawings, and a detailed description of the electrical connector.

How to write a patent description template
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