Shivajis night attack on shaista khan essay

His waging of war against external domination was a yearning for freedom against subjugation. Hacking a way through this maze Shivaji entered the very room where Shaista was sleeping.

But Shivaji once again used his wit and cunning to escape the imprisonment. As a sovereign ruler, he signed a treaty with Golconda Sultanate. A royal sealwhich was in Sanskrit was handed to Shivaji, which read as follows: It was no wonder that Shivaji struck a deep chord with his followers and the citizenary.

He infused a new spirit of unity and dignity into the Maratha people consisting of 96 clans. He was a brave soldier who prized his independence.

Shivaji had respect for the Sufi tradition of Islam. Sambhaji dethroned the young Rajaram and ascended the throne himself on June 20, The conquest of Javli kingdom in made Shivaji dominant in Mavala region, and the path was open for further conquests in the Konkan area. Shivaji was unscath due to the armour he wore under his clothes, and he counter attacked Afzal Khan with a wagh nakh and bich'hwaspilling his blood and entrails on the ground.

The whole country talked about with astonishment and terror of the almost superhuman deeds and that there was bitter humiliation and sorrow in the Emperors court. Siddi Johar's soldiers realized that the imposter was Shivaji's barber and that Shivaji and his army were headed to Vishaalgad.

Byhe seized more forts along the Konkan coast and became master of Kalyan and Bhiwandi. Within a month of the defeat of the Maratha army under Netaji Palkar, Shivaji dealt a masterly blow at the Mughals, a blow "whose cleverness of design, neatness of execution and completeness of success" made Shivaji's name a household word throughout India.

Shivaji retained 12 forts out of his 35 and agreed to remain loyal to Aurangzeb. Taking advantage of this lull in fighting Shivaji hatched a plan to eliminate the head that binds the weak alliance between Bijapur, Golconda and Mughals.

Purandar and some other forts were recaptured by him. He was completely non-plussed as what to do with Shaista Khan sitting pretty in Pune. The ieshwa was the most important one, having charge of finance and general administration.

He also was the strategic advisor of the king in the time of a war. Jai Singh also persuaded Shivaji to pay a visit to the imperial court at Agra. He was put under house arrest but managed to escape.

The Story of Chhatrapati Shivaji’s Struggle Against The Mughal.

However, tired of the unsettled conditions, Shahaji Raje left Nizamshah's service and joined Adilshah of Bijapurwho gave him a higher title of 'Sar Lashkar'. They next entered the band room and ordered the bandsmen as if from the Khan to start playing.

But the outcome still resulted in unexpected gains. The respite from the Mughals allowed the sultan to focus on Shivaji, so he sent General Afzal Khan with 10, troops to capture him. But Shivaji again started his activities of conquest. Shivaji laid down an excellent revenue system based on the principles adopted by Todar Mal and Malik Ambar.

This royal seal is for the welfare of people. Chhatrapati Shivaji was a devout Hindu and he respected all religions within the region. The Marathas looked him as father of the nation and the rise of Maratha nationalism owes a great deal to Shivaji, who rose from a minor chieftain to king of an independent kingdom.

This great and complete victory made Shivaji a hero of Maratha folklore and a legendary figure among his people. A small memorial stands even today in the pass in recognition of the heroism of Bajiprabhu and his courageous men. An active outdoorsman, he explored the Sahayadri Mountains surrounding the Shivneri forts and came to know the area like the back of his hands.

Numerous negotiations between the two parties to come to term failed and the English did not lend their support to his endeavors. Shahaji had donated a huge piece of land to Shaha-Sharif Durgah of Ahmednagar. Thereupon Afzal Khan's deputy, Krishnaji Bhaskar Kulkarni and his bodyguard Sayyed Banda attacked Shivaji with swords but Jiva MahalaShivaji's personal bodyguard fatally struck them down with a 'dandpatta' medieval weapon.

Purandar and some other forts were recaptured by him. Shivaji's Night attack on Shaista Khan at Pune which nullifies all the Mughal gains at one stroke (5th April ) It is one of the most famous exploits of Shivaji early in his career and has never been forgotten by successive generations in India.

Shaista Khan, the maternal uncle of Emperor Aurangzeb, and the new Governor of Deccan, had.

Biography of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj (Shivaji Raje Bhosale)

Shivaji planned a daring attack on Shaista Khan amidst tight security. In Aprila wedding party had obtained special permission for a procession; Shivaji planned an attack. Apr 27,  · The night attack on Shaista Khan uncle of Aurangzeb, general and governor of the Deccan thought less discussed is among the greatest of Shivaji's feats of valour.

In AprilShivaji launched a surprise attack on Shaista Khan in Pune; accounts of the story differ in the popular imagination, but there is some agreement that Shivaji and band of some followers infiltrated Pune, using a wedding procession as cover.

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Shivaji’s Night attack on Shaista Khan. Shivaji’s Night Attack on Shaista Khan at Pune to Decimate Mughal Terrorism (5th April ) After his accession to the throne and the dramatic death of Afzal Khan, Aurangzeb sent Shaista Khan as viceroy of the Deccan with a large army to defeat Shivaji.

Shivajis night attack on shaista khan essay
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The Story of Chhatrapati Shivaji's Struggle Against The Mughal.